"Tomato Soup. That is what the water looked like yesterday throughout most of the kelp and extending well beyond that in most areas. Current was running downhill, so be ready for a paddle/peddle back if you head south. There was bait to be made on the inside, but it was scattered pretty good. Landed my first Yak YT and missed one other run for my 10.5 hrs otw. Funny thing is that it nearly never got to land (but I will get to that in a minute). Chased Wade around all day (I think we may have been in Mexican waters for some of the day). But it was well worth it for me popping my yak cherry. At one point, we were paddling along bs'ing when we stumbled upon a herd of wild Tailcus Yellowus. Not sure about Wade, but I nearly doodied my shorts as the water erupted with the scattering herd (note to self: have the iron ready to go at all times). Anyway, we get back in just a bit off the beach and Wade asks if I want an otw shot. So I unhook the fish and take out the gameclip to get the $5 shot. After a few pics I go to set the fish in my legwell behind me (I am sitting sideways of course in honor of Wade) and it slides over the side into the water. The good news is that it is floating at the surface, the bad news is that it is just out of reach. Did I forget to mention that we had tied our yaks together for the photo session? Well, now I cannot get back to the fish to snag it with my gaff. As we float even further away quickly removing the ties that bound us the fish sinks. Wade, sitting right above the fish watches it sink on his FF and says "Where the hell is the diver when you need him?). He then looks around and sees a couple of openwater swimmers about 100 yards away and says "there he is, stay here right on this spot till I get back". Well, I am not sure how, but he sweet talked the two of them into changing course and coming over for a look. Unfortunately i had drifted a little before they got there and their dive through the tomato soup was unsuccessful. Ironically, for some reason I had my FF on still, which normally gets shut off at the Reserve. So I checked my track, figured out which direction that was from where I was sitting and said " It should be over that way". The further of the two "divers" immediately sees the fish on the bottom, but they both have wetsuits on making them very buoyant. Luckily 1 of them had fins on which allowed him to swim down the 18 feet and retrieve the wayward YT. Can't thank you enough Wade, for putting me on my first yak YT TWICE!!! Good to know that the swimmers can be good for something more than slaloms (they were great about the whole thing). Now I just have to sweet talk Wade into posting a pic so this is more than just another BS fish story." 



"I have gone fishing with three kayak fishing guides now and I have had an excellent time with each of them. I think Capt Wade’s strength is his upfront research for the perfect day and time to go fishing, the right equipment to use, and getting you into the zone for a wide open bite. I have been really busy lately at work and I have not had that much time to get in the water this summer. Wade picked us the perfect full moon night – no cloud cover and tiny one foot waves to launch. I knew we were going to have an awesome time because the conditions were perfect – no kayakers were in sight. Wade predicted the best bite to be 7 hours based on tide movement. That meant we would launch at 1am to make bait and be back in position for fishing. Wade gave me a list of items to bring and some fresh dead just in case. Wade quickly rigged both bait rods with 2 different setups each with a specific set of knots. Yes - each guide uses a little different technique and they want to make sure you follow their technique. Wade had success catching white sea bass on previous outings. This is the point in the trip when you realize that it is really cool to have an experienced guide to fish with. All fears from Shark week and other safety concerns seemed to have magically disappeared and now we could concentrate on only fishing. I hit bottom around 98 feet and took a couple of cranks up as suggested by Wade. I lifted my rod up and down and told the bait “ Come on dude – you gotta catch me a big yellowtail”. After a few minutes, my rod doubles over and line starts peeling off and the sleigh ride began. A couple of minutes later while Wade is fighting his second yellowtail - I go bendo again and yell back to him “ I am hooked up again”. About 10 minutes later Wade lets his second yellowtail go and I am still fighting my yellowtail. Deep water, no kelp, and no dogs – it is a yellowtail fight made in heaven. This fish is bigger and after a long fight he finally weakens and a big smile fills my face when I see color. Next I attach the game clip, slit the gills and now have 2 beautiful yellowtail sleeping on either side of my mirage drive. I had an excellent time fishing with my good friend Capt Wade. I would recommend that you give Capt. Wade a call to setup an amazing fishing trip to catch your first trophy fish, go night fishing, or to upgrade your fishing game."


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